Music and Arts for the Pacific Northwest

The Peterson Conservatory has been instrumental in preserving excellence in the arts in northwest Washington for decades. Instruction in all orchestral, band, and jazz instruments takes place at the Conservatory building in Mt. Vernon and in schools in the area. The Starry Night Chamber Orchestra, made up of Conservatory faculty and other outstanding local and guest performers, brings joy and beauty to the entire state.

Cry Wolf drama information

After 50 years, the wolves have returned to the forest. The inhabitants of the nearby village are in an uproar-their survival depends on their flock of sheep, the wolves' favorite menu! Join a cast of characters that includes a boy named Peter, Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs and a rebel sheep named Snowflake as they try to outwit the biggest villain of them all, the Big Bad Wolf, in this zany mash-up of bedtime favorites. Roles are open for child and adult actors and actresses, and crew positions are also available! Children’s choir selections and a few solos will be included in the production. details

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