The Peterson Conservatory of Music and Arts is a non profit entity offering excellent quality instruction to multiple age levels in music, art, and related disciplines. PCMA supplies the community with opportunities to learn basic through advanced musical and artistic skills in a class or private lesson setting. As the organization matures, a full-fledged Conservatory is planned, with many attractive community benefits for local performances and social gatherings, a recording studio and practice areas, music library, and trans-local Master classes through interactive international contacts with renowned artists around the globe.

Board of Directors 2013

  • Allan S. Graves, President
  • Seth Ungersma, Vice President
  • Jahr Huber, Secretary
  • Rosalie McVay, Treasurer
  • Valerie Hunt, Marketing
  • Ellen Long
  • Lydia Randall
  • Sharyn Peterson, Executive Director

PCMA is a place where all ages may study artistic disciplines to enrich lives, gain expertise, and create careers.