Greetings to all of my students and their families-

A fresh new season is beginning, in which we may build upon the successes of last season, and work towards even greater degrees of musical excellence. Our emphasis this year will be to prepare well for performances! (I know we always try to, but there will be more information this year with specific steps to confident and dynamic performances)

Cancellation Policy (different from my casual Summer time routine): email, text, or call me 48 hours before the lesson to cancel, postpone, or change a lesson time. Forgotten lessons cannot be reimbursed or made up.

To save money and hassle, you may select one of the following payment options:

1. Pay in September for the whole season (10 months) calculate 4 lessons per month. (except 2 in December) The fifth week of the month will be free, to cover any missed times.

2. Pay Quarterly: a. September-December, b. January-March c. April-June Pay for 4 lessons per month. The fifth week of the month will be free, to cover any missed times.

3. Pay each month on the first lesson of the month. If this option is selected, the fifth week is to be included.

When you choose your payment plan, note that I will only be teaching the first two weeks of December, and resume on the 2nd week of January.

There are several of you who have faithfully kept your own records and paid me steadily for many years, and I do appreciate your care in financial matters. If you choose to keep the same system you have been using, that is fine.

Here is the proposed schedule, which will no doubt require several revisions to accommodate all of our commitments (!) so please communicate your needs (360 421-2527).

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